It takes only 2 minutes to get multiple quotes
It takes only 2 minutes to get multiple quotes for your move!

Smartmove is free for you to use


Smartmove is free for you to use We are open 24/7 so you can request your quote anytime!

You will get multiple quotes back fast


With us - you will get multiple quotes back - fast, usually in just 1 day!

Moving companies in our network are reliable and trustworthy


Moving Companies in our network are hand-picked, and have a proven track record of being reliable & trustworthy.


Smartmove gets you free moving quotes from reliable moving companies. Fast!

Shifting your house, family or business is a big and complex job, and getting all your ducks in a row can be daunting, time-consuming and exhausting. Smartmove can save you time, effort and money, by finding you the right movers at the right price, without having to compromise service or reliability.

We’ve built the largest independent network of furniture and house movers in New Zealand. Smartmove will get you competitive moving quotes from experienced removal companies that we know will give you great service.

To ensure that service standards stay high, we ask our clients to rate their moving company’s performance after every move and we monitor these results closely. In the unlikely event that a mover doesn’t measure up, they are immediately removed from our network. Nor do we tell moving companies who else is quoting for your move - ensuring a truly competitive quote process each and every time.

When you need to move, Smartmove gets you quotes for moving selected itempart house, or the contents of a full house - whether across town, across the country, or even to the other side of the world.

Get Quotes for Movers

With Smartmove, just choose what you are moving (selected item, part house or full house) then:

  • Use our on-site calculator to get an instant ballpark cost, and
  • Get online quotes from our network of home movers.

Getting competitive quotes from trusted, reliable movers is easy and takes only a matter of minutes!

Smartmove can help you find the right furniture mover at the right price, but transporting pets – whether by sea, road or air – is a specialised area. Moving your best friend safely might require veterinary care and advice, specialist cages, MAF documentation, quarantine or insurance. After all, your pet arriving stress-free at their new home is the best start for everyone.

Smartmove makes moving easy!

“Smartmove was great. Would highly recommend for anyone needing to move and do not want the hassle”

Andrew C (Nelson)

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